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Recommended Browsers

For using the new Campus Solutions system we strongly recommend the following browsers only:
IE (Internet Explorer) - Release 8,9,10, 11
Safari - Release 5,6,7
Firefox - Release 17
Chrome - Release 24

SF State ID & Password

New or current students should visit SF State ID and Password to create or look up their SF State ID or Password.


To Search for Classes:

  1. Visit Search for Classes (opens in new window)
  2. Search using at least two search criteria (e.g., Subject & Number OR Subject & Course Career)
  3. Write down the Class Number.
  4. Click on the class or section number for more information.

To Add Classes in SF State Gateway:

  1. Log into SF State Gateway.
  2. Click on [Academics] on the left.
  3. Click on [Student Center].
  4. Under Academics, press [Enroll].
  5. Select the Correct Term and Career [Continue].
  6. Enter the Class Number and [Enter] OR Select [Search] to search for courses.
  7. Click on [Class] or [Section] to view more information, including course description, fees, dates and prerequisites.
  8. Click SELECT to add course to your cart.
  9. Enter Permission Number *if needed or allowed.
  10. Click NEXT.
  11. Review your Shopping Cart and Delete/Trash any unwanted classes.
  12. Click [Proceed to Step 2 of 3].
  13. Click [Finish Enrolling].
  14. Confirm enrollment and schedule.
  15. Be sure to pay fees by the due date. In your Student Center, check how much you owe under “Finances,” and “Account Inquiry.” Your fee due date can be found in “Charges Due” in the drop down menu under “Finances” in your Student Center.

How to Pay:

See How to Pay for more information.

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