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Register Online


  1. Visit Extended Learning Online Registration
    New Students will need to use the Create SF State ID system to set up an SF State ID and Password prior to registering.
  2. Enter your SF State ID Number with your Password, and Select Semester of Registration.
  3. Enter the Five-Digit Course Schedule Numbers
  4. Note Payment Due Date
    Student should make a note of the Payment Due Date listed on the Online Registration screen. If students do not pay for classes by the Payment Due Date, students will be dropped for non-payment. 

How to Get Your SF State ID & Password

Extended Learning students who need to set up their SF State ID and Password should use Create SF State ID.

First-time Extended Learning students may also call Student Services at 415.405.7700 to generate their SF State ID. Students may also set up their SF State ID in person at our Downtown Campus at 835 Market Street, 6th Floor, or at the Main Campus at 1600 Holloway Ave, One Stop Student Services Center, SSB 1st Floor.

SF State ID

If you have been assigned an SF State ID, but do not remember it, you can use the Look up SF State ID service to look up your ID using your SSN and SF State Password. If you do not know your SF State Password, you can use the Look up SF State ID using SSN and Birthday service.

SF State Password

Your SF State Password is a secure password, created by you, that is used with the SF State ID to keep your personal information private. PACs were replaced with SF State passwords on January 1, 2009.

Forgot your Password?

Once created, your SF State Password cannot be looked up by university staff, but you can reset your SF State Password using the SF State Password service. A part of setting your SF State Password is to select six security questions and answers that will be used for authentication if you need to reset your SF State Password and cannot remember it.

Password Reset Codes

Before requesting a password reset code please use the SF State Password service to request a password change. Password reset codes are given to students by the Registrar's Office and to employees by Human Resources, after your identity has been confirmed.

A password reset code is given to you when you are unable to use the SF State Password service. Password reset codes are used to login to the SF State authentication service. Once a password reset code is entered you will need to select password reset questions before you set your password.

For more information about your SF State ID and Password, please review the SF State ID, Password, and Login Assistance information.

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