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Open University: Registration Information for Spring 2015

Please note: To take University classes during winter & summer, please see Winter Session & Summer Session.

How to Register

Follow the steps below:

  1. Review and select courses. The SF State class schedule is available on the Web
  2. Attend the first class meeting.
  3. Obtain permit number if the instructor approves your admission to the class. It is also possible for students to obtain an instructor signature on an Extended Learning Registration Form (PDF) in lieu of a permit number, but this requires in-person registration.
    (You will need Adobe Reader to view this PDF file.)
  4. Enroll by February 20 in one of the following ways. Class number and permit number are required for registration.
    • ONLINE by using Extended Learning Online Registration.
    • BY PHONE by calling Extended Learning Student Services at 415.405.7700 (option 5).
    • IN PERSON at the SF State Main Campus or the SF State Downtown Campus
  5. Payment for courses can be made as soon as a student registers. Fees must be paid by student's payment due date (see Payment Due Date section below for more details).

Payment Due Date

Students who register for Open University January 26 - February 6 must pay fees by February 6 to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Students who register in Open University classes from February 7 - 20 must pay fees no later than 11:59pm one day after the day of registration to avoid being dropped for non-payment with outstanding charges.
To register and pay for short Open University courses that begin in mid-semester, please follow the late add procedure.

Fees are payable as soon as students are registered. If payment is not received by the end of the day on the payment due date, students will be dropped for non-payment (Drops for non-payment may not be executed every day. Students are responsible for maintaining their class schedule and avoid incurring charges by dropping from a class within the deadline for a 100% refund).

If you have registered for more than one class, and you have not paid your fees in full for all classes by the latest payment due day out of those classes, you will be dropped from the classes that have not been fully paid.

For example:
You enrolled in ACCT 101 on January 28th with tuition fees of $1185.
You enrolled in MATH 226 on January 30th with tuition fees of $1580.
Total cost for both classes is $2765.
You only pay $1500 by the latest due deadline of both classes.
You will be dropped from MATH 226 since it is the later class you enrolled in, because the fees you paid did not cover that class in full.
Once we drop you from the class there might be financial implications for you based on our refunds policy and the day of the class drop.



$395 per unit


Read the course description and footnotes in the SF State schedule. If you have not met the prerequisites and later must drop or withdraw from a course, you will be subject to standard refund deadlines and policies. Read the course descriptions to be sure you fulfilled any prerequisites and are eligible to enroll in each course. Complete course descriptions are listed in the SF State Bulletin and are available online, in the library, and in the SF State Bookstore.

If you enroll in a course and have not fulfilled test score and/or other prerequisites, SF State reserves the right to withdraw you from the course(s) with no refund. Instructors do not always check prerequisites; their signatures on your registration form do not indicate that any prerequisites have been waived. If enrollment depends on passing a test which must be taken prior to enrollment, such as the ELM or EPT (English Placement Test), you must provide proof of ELM/EPT clearance or exception to the College of Extended Learning at the time of registration. For information on the ELM and/or EPT exam(s), contact the SF State Testing Center at 415.338.2271.

Course Restrictions

The following classes are unavailable through Open University:

  • Graduate business courses (700-899).
  • Most graduate classes in Health Education, specifically HED 810, HED 811, HED 815, HED 820, HED 821, HED 822, HED 825, HED 828, HED 829, HED 830, HED 831, HED 835, HED 840, HED 855, HED 884, HED 890, HED 895.
  • Most graduate counseling courses, with the following exceptions: COUN 700, COUN 702, and COUN 703.
  • Multiple subjects credential core courses in the department of elementary education, specifically EED 679, EED 681, EED 682/782, EED 684, EED 685, EED 686, and EED 783.
  • Graduate culminating experience courses, numbered 892, 893, 894, 895, and 898.
  • Independent Study courses, numbered 699 and 899.

To register for Independent Study courses see Special/Independent Study.

Transfer of Fees & Charges

Students who have registered but not paid for Open University classes can swap (drop and enroll simultaneously) one class for another without any remaining charges if the swap is done no later than February 6. Is a swap is done from February 7 to February 20, student will incur a 35% charge on the dropped class. After February 20 there no transfers. Students must petition for withdrawal and/or late adds. There are no refunds or forgiving of outstanding charges in withdrawal periods.
Students who have paid for their Open University classes can swap one class for another and apply the fees to the second class with no financial charges by February 6. If a swap is done from February 7 to February 20, a student can apply only 65% of the paid amount to the new class. The remaining 35% are non-refundable and non-transferable. After February 20 there no transfers. Students must petition for withdrawal and/or late adds. There are no refunds or forgiving of outstanding charges in withdrawal periods.


Before swapping one class for another students receiving subsidies must have approval on file with the Subsidy Specialist ( for the class they want to add.

Refunds & Removal of Charges

Refunds Table for Open University Paid Tuition Fees

Full Refund
65% Refund No Refund
Class dropped on or before February 6 Class dropped between February 7 and February 20 Class dropped on February 21 and beyond

The same table applies for removing of tuition fee charges.

A refund check is mailed to the address listed on the student’s account. Allow six to eight weeks for refund check processing. According to California State University (CSU) regulations, credit card accounts cannot be credited.


See Open University sessions information in Calendar & Deadlines for deadlines. Students may withdraw from courses after the Drop Deadline and receive a grade of "W" by securing the approval signature of the instructor and the department chair and/or college dean on a withdrawal petition. (Note: failure to attend does not cause students to be dropped from a course.)

Do not put a stop payment on a check to drop or withdraw from a course. This results in a financial obligation to SF State for the course fee, plus an additional $20 charge. Failure to withdraw officially from a course generates a failing grade of "F" or "WU".

Course Numbering System

000-099 Remedial (units do not count toward graduation)
100-299 Lower Division
300-699 Upper Division
700-899 Graduate and Post-Baccalaureate
900-999 Joint Doctoral Courses

Disability Programs & Resource Center

For information concerning special services to accommodate a physical, perceptual, or learning disability, please contact the Disability Programs & Resource Center on the SF State Campus at 415.338.2472 voice/TTY.

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