Open University { College of Extended Learning }

Image: Photographs of Open University students and the SF State campus

Open University

Do You Want to Take University Classes NOW?

  • Open University allows students to participate in regular university classes at SF State.
  • Registration is easy — formal admission to SF State is not required. Classes taken through Open University at San Francisco State University may apply toward your professional skills, your personal interests, or your future degree.

You have access to San Francisco State University courses each fall, spring, and summer semester.

High school students who have completed their junior year may register with the written support of their principal or counselor accompanying their registration form and fees.

  • Take SF State credit courses without being admitted to the University. No transcripts, applications, or other documentation are required. Apply credits you earn to a degree later, if you wish. SF State will generally accept for transfer credit toward graduate degrees up to six semester units of Open University credit, and up to 24 units for undergraduate degrees.
    For further clarification of credit limits as they pertain to Open University coursework and graduate degrees, please contact the Admissions Evaluations office at 415.338.1634 or the Graduate Division at 415.338.2234.

  • Test a degree program to see if it suits your educational aspirations. You can find out if your passion for biology, anthropology, or accounting is satisfied through academic study.

  • Improve your grade point average if your first attempt at college courses was less than successful. If you have been disqualified from the University or denied admission because of a grade point deficiency, you can enroll through Open University and get a second chance to show your true potential.

  • Start accumulating credits, which can apply to your degree once you are admitted to the University. There are limits to the number of Open University courses that can apply to a degree, so you must be careful not to take more units than will count.



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