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Nonprofit Management

Certificates of Completion:
Fundamental Management Skills and
Nonprofit Leadership & Strategic Management

Nonprofit organizations serve the interests of the community. They comprise an increasingly significant portion of the American economy as an essential element in American civic life, spanning fields as diverse as health care, education, human services, environmental management, criminal justice, and the arts.

Nonprofit professionals often find themselves needing additional training in nonprofit management in order to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Across the sector, nonprofits are forced to take stock of who they are and learn new ways of operating effectively and efficiently, which may involve mission restatements or creating new systems of accountability.

The Certificate of Completion in Fundamental Management Skills provides students with the managerial and analytical tools needed to help prepare them for leadership positions in nonprofit entities.

The Certificate of Completion in Nonprofit Leadership & Strategic Management provides current and future leaders with the strategic leadership skills needed to address both persistent and emerging challenges in the sector.

Students will develop and gain the skills that can be used to respond to complex challenges and opportunities of nonprofit management and leadership.


Certificate of Completion in Fundamental Management Skills

  • professionals working in the nonprofit sector
  • professionals working in a governmental or private setting who would like to work or volunteer in the nonprofit sector
  • students without professional experience who seek to prepare themselves for nonprofit careers

Certificate of Completion in Nonprofit Leadership & Strategic Management

  • nonprofit professionals new to senior management positions
  • senior managers who have recently transitioned from the public or private sector and are new to nonprofit leadership
  • nonprofit leaders who are facing new management and leadership challenges; leadrs include executive directors, department directors, board members, and key volunteers

The programs are designed as an experiential leadership lab. Courses provide a stimulating and supportive climate for exploring the pressing issues facing current and future nonprofit leaders.

Certificate of Completion

Participants may complete program requirements and receive a certificate of completion, or attend only those classes that are of particular interest. A certificate of completion is awarded upon successful completion of required classes. Applications for a certificate of completion, with a $50 non-refundable fee, are due after completing the last class of the semester.

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