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Music/Recording Industry
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Introduction to the Music/Recording Industry Program

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Music Business & Recording Arts Education

The Music/Recording Industry (MRI) program is designed for students who want to gain a solid foundation in the music business and/or recording industry. By choosing an emphasis on either the recording arts/technology or the music business, students carve out a career path for themselves, acquiring real marketable skills to compete successfully in a fiercely intense environment.

Typical career paths of our students include: musician, producer, engineer, manager or agent, songwriter, and publisher. Since the industry has radically changed over the last decade and has largely become a field in which Do-It-Yourself skills have become essential survival tools, much of the curriculum is focused on the self-sufficience of the student, and the ability to access all available means of production and promotion with superb technical skills, and relevant industry knowledge.


Music Business Classes & Professional Audio Engineering Certification

Music/Recording Industry Classes

Our school offers a variety of music business and recording industry classes, open to everyone. Take industry-certified training classes in Avid's Pro Tools digital audio software or Apple's Logic platform. Train with some of the Bay Area's top engineers and producers in some of the region's best recording studios. Learn how to become a record producer, artist manager, or publicist. Select any class that interests you, or follow our Music/Recording Industry certificate.

Music/Recording Industry Certificate

The Music/Recording Industry certificate offers a comprehensive education in all aspects of the music business. Students begin with a foundation in music business and recording arts, and then choose from a wider range of courses within a specific emphasis, either music business or audio engineering. In addition, students can select from a number of electives and seminars for the most comprehensive music industry education in the San Francisco Bay Area. All Certificate Students are required to complete a professional internship as well as a portfolio of projects such as audio engineering demos or music business and marketing plans.

"I have learned so much from the MRI program. It has been worth the time and money. I have especially loved the independent label class. It has given me real-world experience that I can take with me when looking for work in the music industry. I mean, my name was mentioned in Billboard Magazine because of this class and the MRI program."

-Eugene Smith, MRI Student


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