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Multimedia Studies Program

Join the convergence of art, technology, business, and entertainment at SF State Extended Learning's Multimedia Studies Program (MSP).


Information Design I (Online)

Class Starts Thursday, February 18

This class focuses on how to organize, arrange, and present content and interactivity on websites. We will examine the techniques and documents used during the information design process: personas, site architecture, user flows and work flows, schematics for static, dynamic, and interactive content, and usability testing procedures and scripts. We will explore topics like navigation, search, forms, archival content, multimedia delivery, and the "tools of the trade." Students will complete an information design project for a site of their choosing and will present their documents during the course.
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Introduction to the Multimedia Studies Program

Watch this video to learn more about the MSP, our classes, facilities, and certificates.

Multimedia Education

Since 1992, the MSP has been the training leader in digital media trends and technologies. Our community of creative and technical professionals provides expert training at our state-of-the-art facilities. We are proud to be designated by Adobe Systems, Inc. as a Partners By Design School as well as an Apple, Adobe, and Avid certified training center.


Evening, weekend, daytime and online classes provide flexible scheduling options for working professionals. Courses are held at the SF State Downtown Campus.

Multimedia Courses & Certificate Training

Recognizing the "multi" in Multimedia, the MSP offers tremendous flexibility to students who want to enhance their skill sets by cherry-picking courses individually or by earning an MSP certificate, crafting their own professional training path from the following broad categories:







Course hours from Video, Audio and 3D topics (from our Digital Media Production series), are accepted towards an MSP certificate. In addition, they provide academic units for added flexibility. Courses from the MSP cannot be applied towards a Digital Video Intensive certificate.

Digital Video Intensive

Our Digital Video Intensive is a 16-week, full-time training program providing hands-on experience with digital filmmaking tools and techniques, plus critical knowledge in aesthetics and industry practices. Although many DVI grads work in film and television, it provides skills and knowledge for those seeking to become independent filmmakers.

Mobile UX/UI Design Intensive

The 30-hour Mobile UX/UI Design Intensive teaches user experience methods and best design patterns and strategies for mobile platforms: iOS, Android mobile, tablet environments, and mobile web, with special focus on critical elements of iOS and Android mobile apps: homescreen, search, navigation, forms, and workflows.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities

The Multimedia Studies Program is committed to providing state-of-the-art production facilities for students to meet the demands of new applications and delivery platforms. The MSP actively develops partnerships with leading developers of new media technologies to assure that the program remains a vital force in professional education and technology training in the SF Bay Area.


Currently, the MSP offers two prominent certificate programs: The Digital Video Intensive and the Multimedia Studies Program, along with shorter intensive certificates, to meet SF Bay Area professionals' needs.

Reminder: Courses may be taken indiviually or for a certificate

Industry Partners

Collaborating with leading industry partners, the MSP proudly continues to bring advanced digital media training to the community and gratefully acknowledges over 20 years of support and partnership with Adobe, Inc., and Apple, Inc.

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