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Over 60 Degree Program - March 10, 2011

Notice to Students who wish to apply to the San Francisco State Over Sixty Fee Waiver Program:

San Francisco State is facing another year of deep reductions in state support, including a proposed $500 million budget cut for the California State University system. These three years of cuts have forced the campus to make very difficult decisions at all levels of the university.

One result of funding cuts is that San Francisco State has more demand from students to enroll than it is able to accommodate with classes and services. As a result, San Francisco State reluctantly must suspend the Over Sixty Fee Waiver Program as one of the cost-saving measures needed to address higher student demand and lack of funding.

Beginning March 10, 2011, the University is suspending acceptance of new applications into the Over Sixty Fee Waiver Program. Students who would have been eligible to enroll through the Over Sixty Fee Waiver Program will now be charged the same tuition and fees as all other SF State students. Students may apply for financial aid by completing the Free Application for Financial Aid (FAFSA) each year. As a new or continuing student paying full tuition and fees, you will be assigned a priority registration appointment based on the number of units you have completed which is consistent with priority registrations for the general student body.

Students who are continuing participants in the Over Sixty Fee Waiver Program will be allowed to continue in the program provided they make continual progress toward their degree in a timely manner. Students already in the program are required to wait until the last day of Final Priority Registration to register for courses. Students who wish to take classes for their personal enrichment may enroll in classes through the College of Extended Learning Elder College program. For more information about this program go to Elder College.

If you have further questions, please contact Suzanne Dmytrenko, University Registrar at 415.338.2823 or via email

SF State Bulletin information regarding the above policy can be found at Bulletin > Fees & Expenses.

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