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Human Resource Management (HRM):
Fundamental Issues Program
Professional Development Certificate

The Human Resources Management Profession

The human resource management profession is one of the most challenging in the modern business world and an excellent career choice for those who are skilled in working with others. The increasing complexity of many jobs, the aging of the workforce, and advances in technology require continuous HR training for employees and managers.

Human resource professionals must constantly upgrade their HR knowledge and skills to meet the needs of a multicultural workforce, and changing legislation and court rulings in the areas of occupational health & safety, equal employment, labor relations, employee benefits, and performance management. From being a clearinghouse for complaints, the human resources department has grown to become a strategic, integral part of senior management.


Human Resource Management (HRM) Education:
Learn HRM at San Francisco State University

The San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning offers a comprehensive education in Human Resource Management: Fundamental Issues. You can select from a variety of Human Resource Management (HRM) classes, or you can follow the curriculum for a Certificate in Human Resource Managment (HRM).


Human Resource Management (HRM) Certificate Training

Our certificate training and education in HRM is designed to help you advance your HR career if you are already in the field, or to give you a solid background if you are just entering the HR field.



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