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Professional Communication Skills

Individuals most likely to be promoted and succeed have something in common: they are good communicators. They express ideas clearly and concisely; they listen actively; and they speak and write effectively.

Leading a team, giving a presentation, going into an interview, handing in that vital many times have you wished your communication and leadership skills were stronger and more effective?

Strengthening your communication skills enhances your professionalism, personal presence, and potential for advancement.

About the Professional Communication Skills Program

Effective communication is recognized as crucial to enhance performance, both personally and professionally.  Communication involves the whole range of ways in which people pass information or messages back and forwards in non-verbal, verbal and written formats. It includes the information they give and receive, how people make meaning of this information and how they use it.

Target Audience

Classes in the Professional Communication Skills program are designed for individuals who want to:

  • Learn and practice principles essential to good oral and written communication
  • Gain useful and pragmatic strategies for communicating in a variety of workplace situations
  • Speak, write, and listen with increased confidence and competence
  • Enhance leadership skills and opportunities for career promotion
  • Develop personal presence and greater self-trust
  • Learn in a supportive environment

What Participants Say

"The tools learned in Dynamic Communicating: Presenting Your Best Self will benefit me for a lifetime. I highly recommend this class for anyone at any level."
- Tyrone Jue, Communications Manager, City & County of San Francisco

"Fearless Speaking is essential for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills. The learning experience is truly supportive, enabling each and every person in the class to have a positive experience."
- Marianne Y., Production Manager, ITVS

"Grammar & Writing for the Workplace has changed my life- at least on paper. A whole new world of the written word has opened up to me."
- Dawn Holliday, general manager, Slim's

"Dynamic Communicating has helped me unlock my potential to be an effective communicator. An excellent investment in myself. I really enjoyed the fun and innovative exercises that brought across the essence of dynamic communication wonderfully. Joyce is a dedicated, dynamic instructor who keeps you laughing while you learn. I had so much fun I almost forgot I was learning at the same time! "
- Melinda G. Chan, Professional Communication Skills student

"In Fearless Speaking, Lauren Vanett offers an outstanding course to help anyone become a more effective communicator."
- Kirk Baldwin, advertising sales, San Francisco Chronicle

"If you've ever lost your voice, then Fearless Speaking is where you find it. The class provided a safe and secure environment to live through my biggest fear: public speaking. I'm so glad I took it. I will definitely recommend it to my friends and colleagues."
- Terrie Duong, program associate, James Irvine Foundation

"Fearless Speaking focused on the acquisition of essential skills that are not widely taught, such as learning to listen to your audience, and developing a sense of self."
- Michele Liapes, SF Public Utilities Commission

Professional Communication Skills Brochure

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