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Image: Graphics created in Autodesk® Authorized Training Center Classes, including buildings and construction projects.

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New 3D Maker: Modeling class added!

Come discover your design skills and learn to print in 3D!
ENGR 9181, Class # 10145, 3D Maker: Modeling (2.4 CEUs)


In this course students will learn how to become a 3D maker: solid modeling in the computer and the 3D printing process. Students will create a given model, and also design or improve models, using Sketch-Up and Inventor and Fusion 360, and then export the model for 3D printing. Using a slicing software, students will scale and position models on the printing platform, and learn about effective use of support material and other strategies for best print production. Students will experience setup and maintenance of the 3D printer. For context, the history of rapid prototyping and the current revolution in 3D printing applications will be covered, as well as a discussion of local resources, funding, and events for continued opportunities in small scale manufacturing and 3D invention.
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Why Do I Need Autodesk® Training?

As one of Northern California's longest established Autodesk® Authorized Training Centers (ATC), we focus on providing high quality instruction at a reasonable price. Our classes prepare students for work in the architectural, engineering and construction fields (AEC). Courses explore both 2D and 3D tools for drafting, space planning, simulations, and design visualization. Each of our Autodesk® Certified instructors has many years of experience teaching both novice users and seasoned professionals.

Autodesk® Classes

We offer a full range of Autodesk® classes including AutoCAD, Revit® Level I & II, Revit® Design and Visualization, 3ds Max® Design, 3D Applications: Modeling and Rendering, Graphics Production with AutoCAD, and 3D Maker: Modeling and Printing.

Students may take individual classes based on their experience and goals or complete the full certificate.

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Benefits of Training

  • All course materials are included with the cost of the class
  • One computer per person
  • Autodesk 2016 Ready
  • Faculty are certified in the latest Autodesk software
  • Certificate from Autodesk after successful completion of authorized courses
  • Certificate of Completion option from SF State Extended Learning
  • Open lab hours with each enrollment (15+ hours per course)
  • Courses carry Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
  • Access to free student versions of Autodesk® software

Intended Audience

The program is designed for industry professionals who want to develop their Autodesk® software skills for better management and collaboration. Our students are seeking tools for career enhancement in a variety of architectural, design, engineering, and construction industries.

Free student software

AutoCAD Level I:
Lillian Crist

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AutoCAD Level II:
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Graphics Production with AutoCAD:
Lillian Crist

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