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December 4, 2015

Downtown Campus Holiday Hours

Saturday, November 21: The registration desk will be closed.
Wednesday, November 25: The registration desk will close early at 5:00pm.
Thursday, November 26 - Sunday, November 29: The registration desk will be closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.
Thursday, December 10: The registration desk and call center will close early at 4:00pm.

Monday, December 14: The registration desk and call center will close early at 5:00pm.

Wednesday, December 16: The registration desk and call center will close early at 5:00pm.

Monday, December 21: The registration desk and call center will close early at 5:00pm.
Tuesday, December 22 & Wednesday, December 23: The registration desk will close at 5:00pm on both of these days.
Thursday, December 24 - Sunday, January 3: The Downtown Campus will be closed.

September 3, 2015

Labor Day Closure:

Saturday, September 5 - Monday, September 7

The Downtown Campus registration desk will be closed for Labor Day weekend: Saturday, September 5 - Monday, September 7.

August 17, 2015

Constitution Day at SF State, September 17 - 18

The College of Extended Learning is a co-sponsor of the Constitution Day conference, September 17 - 18 at San Francisco State University.

"Rights and Wrongs: A Constitution Day Conference at SF State" will provide multiple opportunities to reflect critically on the past, present, and future of constitutional rights, freedoms, citizenship, democracy, equality, and justice.

Visit the History Department website for Constitution Day details and see the event page on Facebook.

History Department Constitution Day Website



August 3, 2015

Institute for Personal Financial Planning Offers Workshop in San Francisco on October 17

Partnering with San Francisco State University College of Extended Learning to help people make better decisions and reach their financial goals.

San Francisco, CA. The Institute for Personal Financial Planning (IPFP) will hold a Saturday workshop in San Francisco. The workshop will offer individuals and couples in their 30s and 40s unbiased personal-finance information.

IPFP conducts educational events only and does not sell financial products.

The workshop will take place from 9:00am to 5:00pm on Saturday, October 17. The workshop will be held in partnership with the San Francisco State College of Extended Learning at the downtown campus, 835 Market Street, 6th floor.

The San Francisco-based IPFP also provides the website betterdecisions.money.

Filling a need.

According to IPFP CEO Ira Fateman, CFP®, M.Ed., individuals and couples spend much time earning, spending and worrying about money. Yet public education pays little attention to this subject and current online resources provide only limited reliability.

Says Fateman, "Achieving personal finance goals requires changing lifestyle behaviors, much like exercising and dieting. This challenges most people, but it can be done with a plan, persistence, accountability and responsibility. Person-to-person contact is critical. Workshops leverage the group process to keep participants cost low.

Elizabeth May, an IPFP Faculty member explains, "my generation works very hard and many people make good salaries, but we can't seem to get ahead. The Personal Financial Planning workshop explores data, behaviors, beliefs and goals to help each individual and family start to feel like they can get ahead financially."

Starting with real-world data.

Participants create individual economic, lifestyle and psychological profiles. Attendees learn to tune out the "white noise" urging them to follow the crowd so they can build their own customized financial plan.

Multimedia instruction covers developing personal financial goals, cash flow, budgeting, spending, saving, credit, debt, insurance, employee benefits, retirement planning, investing, estate planning and taxes. "That's a lot to cover," says Fateman, "but we make the workshop engaging, entertaining and interactive."

Fateman notes that trust is the key to learning how to engage in successful financial planning. "We don't sell anything. What we do is help people understand that financial planning is a process and how to use that process for better decision making. That can really help people achieve their financial goals."

Workshop information and registration

Ira Fateman
Institute for Financial Planning


June 11, 2015

BART Track closure between Fruitvale and Coliseum on Saturday, June 13

On Saturday, June 13, there will be no Green Line service. Which means: unlike typical Saturdays, customers proceeding north from Fremont will have to use a Richmond (Orange Line) train. There will be a transfer at Bay Fair to a Blue Line train and then the bus bridge between Coliseum and Fruitvale stations. There will also be less overall service capacity and frequency. During the closure, passengers should listen to overhead announcements, employee instructions, and follow temporary signs that will be in place.

For updated information, please go to the BART website.

May 29, 2015

Saturday Closures

The registration desk will be closed on the following days:

Saturday, May 30, 2015
Saturday, June 6, 2015

Visit our Event Calendar.

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